Real Estate Hot Tips: Downsizing for Seniors

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Downsizing for Seniors

Posted: January 13, 2020 by Vanessa Wilson

Downsizing can be a terrifying word, but what does it mean? The definition is usually applied to a permanent reduction in a company's labour force. So its a form of organizational practice applied to your home life and "STUFF."
Lets face it we all accumulate "STUFF" Knick Knacks, clothes, shoes, furniture, baking pans etc...So what do we do with it all?
Sigh..we keep it in the hopes that we will use it or our family will need or want it. I bet if you walk down into your basement, up into your attic or open your closet you will find "STUFF."
How do you get rid of it? Take one room at a time. Choose One...and get a garbage bag ready.
Start with your bedroom.
Pull everything out of one drawer...
make 3 piles...
1. What I wear
2. What I wear on special occasions and vacations.
3. This is the best pile ever!!!! This is the I have not worn this in 6 months, I am keeping this until I loose weight, My spouse, daughter etc bought me this, or best yet...I looked good in this in the 70's...….Its 2020!
The third pile is your "STUFF" be placed in your garbage bag. Now take it to your car and put it in the trunk...drop it off at your favourite Charity shop...and viola….you have started DOWNSIZING.

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